Letter from Sarah Streatfeild-James, Bishop Sutton resident, to Mr David Trigwell, Head of Planning at BANES

Sutton Cottage

Church Lane

Bishop Sutton


BS39 5XA

September 10th 2011.

Dear Mr Trigwell,

I am sure you will have received many other emails and letters over the last few days in relation to the planning permission that has been given for Stowey Quarry. I will not try to repeat all of the arguments in this letter in relation to why I and others feel so strongly that this was a wrong and dangerous decision. You only have to consider the location of the quarry on a hill above one of Bristolís largest water resources to feel that this is completely unsuitable for a landfill site whether for hazardous or non-hazardous waste.

Having said that my reasons for complaining are:

Complete lack of public consultation

Flawed and misleading information giving to Planning Committee(in the EIA)

There is absolutely no need for this site (our research shows that there is capacity at Yanley and Avonmouth for many years)

This site is far too close to a major water supply and on top of a steep hill. The risk of slippage is too great (bunding is already falling away)

Bristol Water opposed this plan (there are springs underneath the quarry that feed directly into Chew Valley Lake)

Has the suitability of the applicants been checked, e.g. have they adequate expertise in this area? We donít believe the Environment Agency will regulate the site adequately

I am one of a number of residents from the area surrounding Stowey Quarry who are determined to resist the plans. I thought you might want to know that we have a number of events planned over the next few days including a protest walk to the quarry this Wednesday (14th) starting next to the lake at 3.30pm and ending at the quarry at 4.30pm. BBC Points West have assured me that they will joining us and we hope other media will be present. You and any other members of your planning team who may not have visited the site would be welcome to join us. In addition we currently have an e-petition and hard copy petition in circulation and we will making representations to the Ombudsman in respect of the decision taken by the Council. I hope that these actions will help persuade you of the strength of feeling against this project for which there was insufficient consultation, and no need. The whole project is flawed we feel completely let down by BANES.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Sarah Streatfeild-James