Letter from Hilary Padfield, Chew Stoke resident, to Mr David Trigwell, Head of Planning at BANES

Dear Mr Trigwell,

Last evening I attended a public meeting held at Chew Stoke to discuss the planning consent for landfill at the Stowey Quarry. I was extremely disappointed that although invited there was no representation from the planning committee and actually not even an apology was given. Although I realize that the consent for this application has been given it would have been informative for officers to have explained the reasons for this after objections from 3 parish councils, Bristol Water and Vic Pritchard, the Ward councillor. I fail to understand why more parishes were not consulted with an application with this immense implication on the surrounding area, surely if it affects Chew Valley lake then it would have been sensible to include all the parish councils in the Valley. By the time my village realized what was happening it was much too late to object. I find this appalling and I also understand that the officers who voted for this application do not live in this area so do obviously not realize how much impact this will have on this area which as you know is an AONB, I also have read the Core and Waste Strategy plan and I can find no record of this mentioned. I await your comments with interest.

Yours sincerely

Hilary Padfield

3 Quarry Hay

Chew Stoke